TOP 25 Sweet Happy Mother’s Day Wishes, Mothers Day Quotes

Mother is a gift by God, she is like the music that touches our emotional strings, she is like a shield of protection, Mother is the women with never ending love and care for her family. It’s the time when you can indulge your mother with lots of love, care and gifts. If you really want to turn your mother’s day into her most amazing  day then you must read Happy Mother’s Day Wishes, which will help you to express your love for your mother. After reading these Happy Mother’s Day wishes, you will be able to express your love in front of your mother. So, continue reading and enjoy.
Happy Mother's Day Wishes


     Happy Mother’s Day Wishes:

  • I believe that no harm can touch me until my mother is with me. I feel protected and most of all I feel blessed for having such an amazing lady in my life. Happy Mother’s day.
  • A mother’s job is one of the most tough responsibility and every mother do it for no reward but still their love and care is pure for family. Happy mother’s day.
  • If anyone wants to give reward to her mother then simply love her, protect her, show care for her, respect her, try to fulfill her desires and this is all she wants from you. Happy Mother’s day.
  • A daughter reflects the shadow of her mother. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Men imitate the individuality that has been made by her mom. Happy Women’s day.
  • I think that mothers are intuitive philosophers. Happy Mother’s day.
  • A mother is a best doctor, a best teacher, a friend and a best guide. So say thanks to God for giving you such a beautiful reward in the form of A mother. Happy mother’s day.
  • Women build the home, she set the environment for a family, and she cooks according to everyone’s choice. Mothers are blessing by God. Happy mother’s day.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes will help you to express your love for your mother. You can continue reading for selecting wishes of your own choice.

  • Prayers of my mama have followed me everywhere. Wishing you Mothers day.
  • My mother has captured my heart forever no matter her hand is in my hands or not. Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Whole worlds love cannot compete mothers love. A very Happy Mother’s day.
  • All the mothers are working mother because they are paying full attention and care for their family. Happy Mother’s day.
  • There is no level to determine mother’s love because it is eternal and unique. A mother can read the heart and mind of her child. Happy Mother’s day.
  • A mother can give up each and the whole thing for her family’s happiness and satisfaction. Happy Mother’s day.
  • A mother is never alone, she always have thoughts about betterment of her family. Happy mother’s day.
  • The most amazing thing about past is that there are childhood memories for our mother. Happy Mother’s day.
  • Mother understands all that a child is not willing to share. Happy Mother’s day.
  • A mother’s hug can simply drag you out of so many problems, a mother’s hug give you motivation. Happy mother’s day.
  • Mother.?? yes..!! She is the bank of love for her children. Happy Mother’s day.
  • A man loves her mother for so long. Happy Mother’s day.
  • A mother is never more excited before giving birth to a child. When a child came into this world a mother is also rebuild. Happy Birthday.
  • We realize the real love of a mother when we got a child in our hands. Happy Mother’s day


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