Top 37 Joyful Happy Birthday wishes for Mom, Birthday SMS

Happy Birthday wishes for Mom provides the most caring and full of love quotes for your mother’s birthday. Mother is like a shield of protection for her children; not only for her children but also for her entire family. She is the only one who make home more enhanced and more calm. She is the only one who knows the taste of every body at home. She is an Expert in making each and every one at home, expert to cook something new everyday, expert to wash out the most dirty laundry and many more. Here are  Happy Birthday wishes for Mom, which will help you a lot to articulate your love in front of the most beautiful lady in this world. Now, enjoy reading Happy Birthday wishes for Mom  and make her day a very special day.

Top 37 Joyful Happy Birthday wishes for Mom
Here are Happy Birthday wishes for Mom , for You.


Top 37 Joyful Happy Birthday wishes for Mom :

  1. Mother’s love is unconditional, she is the women who taught her child everything. Wishing my wise mama a very Happy Birthday.
  2. Thank you mom for waking me up in the morning for school, for guiding about good and bad, for your unconditional love and care. Happy birthday to my beloved mom.
  3. I love my mom from the bottom of my heart. Happy Birthday my dear mom.
  4. You are one the most special person for my life. I have a special place for you in my heart. I love you Mom. Happy Birthday.
  5. My dear mom deserves a birthday full of joy and laughter. Happy Birthday mama.My mother you have always been a strength that holds me up when the time was so hard for me. I love you fro
  6. m the core of my hurt. Happy Birthday.
  7. For me every day is mother’s day. I respect you and I love you. Happy Birthday to the word’s best mom.
  8. Every mom is respectable and perfect. But my mom deserves a best mother award. Happy Birthday my mom.
  9. Thank you my dear mom for taking care of me. At this special day of your birthday I want to express my all feelings to you that how much I love you. Happy Birthday.
  10. I want to make this very simple that I love you. Happy Birthday my mom.
  11. On this important day of your birthday I want to thank you for giving me so many good memories. I cannot forget all those tea parties and pizza parties. I love you so much my dear Mom and happy birthday.
  12. I am very thankful to you for your love, care since the day of my birth. It is an immense pleasure for me to wish a very Happy birthday.
  13. Sending birthday wishes to my beautiful, caring, intelligent, gorgeous, fun loving and sometimes annoying mama a very Happy Birthday.
  14. Let’s spend time together on this special day of your birthday. Wishing you a very happy birthday,
  15. I am a happy person and you are the reason behind this happiness my mother. I am here to wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  16. Mother’s love and care for her child is sly high. No one can ever compete with mother’s love. I love You mom Happy birthday my dear mama.
  17. Live long and prosper as well. My dear mom happy birthday.
  18. This year I’ve decided to take full care of your health and I am going to prove myself an obedient child for now. Happy Birthday mom.
  19. My dear Mother you have spent many years of your life serving our family, for growing up your siblings and now we are grown up and I promise you to share the responsibilities and financial expenditure. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.
  20. I feel honor in wishing birthday to a very wise and intelligent mother. I apologies for the harsh wording that I used for you many times and I am ashamed of my rough behavior with you. Accept my apology and also my wishes for you on this special day of your birthday. Happy Birthday lovely mother. Happy Birthday wishes for Mom  provides magical and expressive wishes to make you mother feel like an honored lady. Continue reading and enjoy.
  21. Mama, your guidance have made me a successful girl and more importantly a humble person. I am wishing more guidance form you so that I could be able to easily manage difficulties and problems. Thanks to God for blessing me such an intelligent women. Happy Birthday pretty mom.
  22.  I consider my mom one of the most sparkling star in the sky. I wish you could get all the happiness and          blessing for your remaining life. May you live long gorgeous lady. Happy Birthday to you.
  23. Your efforts and struggles were so perfect in raising me up that now I have turned into one of the most successful man in this society. I am surely going to offer you all the luxuries of life. I am definitely working hard to make you feel proud and secure. Happy Birthday my intelligent mother.
  24. They say that behind the success of every mam there is am women and i know this is true because if I am a successful man today you are the reason for that. Happy birthday my mama.
  25. Let’s celebrate your birthday together and cherish all of our sweet memories together. I Love you my queen. Happy Birthday.
  26. Mama you are the queen of my heart, I wanted to thank you for all of your sharing and caring. I am nothing without love and support. Thank you for turning my every ordinary day into a very special day. Your motivation means a lot to me. I love you mom. Happy Birthday.
  27. Dear mama, you are like best friend of mine, a best guide, a best cook, a best mother first of all. A very Happy Birthday to my genius mama.
  28. I always wanted to hug you and express all that I have in my heart for you. But at this day of your birthday I cannot stop myself telling you that how much I love you and I do care about you. I wish God bless you with good health. Love you mom Happy Birthday..!!
  29. My mom is the prettiest lady in this world even though you have many candles on your birthday dat. I wish I could be as beautiful as you are. Wishing world’s best mother a gorgeous and craziest birthday.
  30. Happiness is having a mother like you, having a best friend like you, having a nurse like you, having a perfect guide like you, having an amazing lady above all. A very Happy Birthday to a very energetic and humble lady. Have fun , cheers..!!!
  31. Your advice at every difficult time helped me a lot, I wish you could further guide me. Live long my dear mummy. Happy Birthday..!!
  32. People say that they want a soulmate to live a better life but I say that no one is better companion than a mother. Happy Birthday My mom.
  33. You have always been my strength. I am feeling so happy to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Love you my lovely Mother.
  34. Thank u mom for serving me meal at a very perfect time. I know I have given you dirty laundry many times but trust me I am so grateful to you for all that stuff. Thanks for always delivering your best services. Happy Birthday.
  35. Doing laundry, preparing meal for family and doing a job with all that is simply great. You are a talented and a strong lady. Happy Birthday to the most talented mother in this world.
  36. Dear mama. I am so sorry for giving you so many tough days, for ignoring you when I was upset, for my rude behavior when I was angry with you, I am sorry for all my mistakes that made you sad. Happy Birthday .let’s celebrate your birthday together.
  37. I cannot imagine my even a single day without your presence. Your understanding and love for you siblings is simple remarkable. You are the best mother of this world. I wish I could prove myself a good mother in future as well. Happy Birthday mama.

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