100 Birthday Wishes for Friends, Birthday Quotes, Birthday Sms

Don’t miss birthday wishes for friends as your friends are the most important part of your life. They share and care for us no whatever the circumstances are. One shall never miss wishing friends their birthday. Therefore, here are best ever Birthday Wishes for Friends. Here are one hundred selected birthday wishes for friends.

birthday wishes for friends

Our Favorite Birthday Wishes for Friends:

  1. Happy Birthday to my dazzling friend.

  2. Have ongoing fun on you birthday party.

  3. I wish my best fellow a flabbergasting birthday.

  4. Happy birthday to the most cunning and tempting friend of mine.

  5. I love you my friend for what I feel while being with you. Happy Birthday.

  6. We are not just friends but sisters… Happy Birthday!

  7. Here we got another reason to celebrate happiness together on the high notes… Happy Birthday.

  8. I wish my friend all the joy of this world on your birthday.

  9. As your birthday cracks up… sing your birthday song… and get ready for fun.

  10. Have overloaded fun on your birthday my lovely buddy.

  11. We will be friends forever… Happy Birthday.

  12. Hey, my friend I am wishing you your sweet birthday … thanks for being with me.

  13. I am so blessed that I have a friend like you and I wish that you feel me like it too. Happy Birthday.

  14. On your birthday I am not gonna give you any present but wanna you to bring me your that zipper. Feel the honor. Happy birthday.

  15. Have a choco, mellow and jello birthday my sweetest friend.

  16. May your life pass licking the lollipop of glee. Happy birthday!

  17. It is the time to take out our bottles and hide on the rooftop under the blanket of dark sky to cheer your birthday rapture.

  18. Happy Birthday to the person who is not just a simple friend of mine but someone I can claim to be so special to me.

  19. Happy birthday to my super marshmallow friend.

  20. I wish I could bring my friend every blessing of this universe. Happy Birthday.

  21. This time we are going to throw huge party in regard of your birthday delight. Be there at time. Happy Birthday Buddy.

  22. I wish you stay blessed today and in rest of your life. Happy Birthday.

  23. You are a kind of life’s best blessing to me. Happy birthday.

  24. Live high… happy Birthday.

  25. Let’s celebrate your birthday with loud roar… Happy Birthday!

  26. Order me your gift now… Happy Birthday.

  27. Let’s do some trade I will get you classy birthday present and you get me black frost chocolate cake. Happy Birthday my friend.

  28. Happy birthday coolest friend.

  29. Friends are surely the best part of life and so you are for me… happy Birthday.

  30. Happiest Birthday Dude!

  31. Happy Birthday to my rosey, pinky and shiny friend!

  32. My friend is a star to me who blinks even in the darkest hours. Happy birthday to mu star!

  33. Hey Girl… today I wanna wish you your birthday with all of my well wishes.

  34. It is too sweet to be with you, too sweeter o think about you and sweetest to wish you a sweetish birthday.

  35. Birthdays are perfect chance to show how much you value someone… and here I want to show you that I remember you and care about you… Happy Birthday.

  36. You have always been someone so kind, helping and understanding and therefore I do not ever want to lose you my friend. Happy birthday.

  37. Happy Birthday… though it is going to be our last birthday together but I assure you will celebrate others on skype… Happy Birthday.

  38. If someone gonna ask me that who is that one the most important to you… I will surely urge your name. Happy birthday to my most important friend.

  39. Finally, your birthday is here… Happy birthday.

  40. I wish you birthday that bring exuberant moments to you. Happy Birthday.

  41. Cheer the birthday!

  42. Fire up your birthday with me. Happy birthday.

  43. Cut your birthday cake and smile wide… Happy Birthday.

  44. No one can ever doubt our fast friendship and today I promise you it will continue. Happy Birthday.

  45. I am thinking of you to be with me on your birthday and blow your birthday candles with you. Happy birthday.

  46. You are the special ever friend and that is why I am going to wish you a very special day.

  47. I will be by your side until my last birthday… happy birthday my best friend.

  48. Wishing you all the goodness and peace on your super rock birthday.

  49. I wish you get success in whatever you do. Happy Birthday friend.

  50. I wish you a brand new day start on your birthday that promise you all of your happiness.Hope you’ve found these Birthday Wishes For Friends great, now what are you waiting for just go ahead and wish them from Birthday Wishes For Friends mentioned  about and tell them that they mean you a lot in your life and you want them more then happy on their Birthday.
    Here are some more Lovely Birthday Wishes For Friends.

  51. Happy birthday friend with all the best ever stuff you want to have in your life.

  52. Friends are blessings and so are you… Happy Birthday.

  53. Let’s exchange warm hugs and sweet kisses on your birthday.

  54. Love you my friend. You are superb. Happy birthday.

  55. <Happy Birthday>

  56. Have happiest Birthday my pal!

  57. Cake is sweet, drinks are cold, let me wish you, happy birthday loud.

  58. The gorgeous and stylish girl is going to get the most surprising birthday gift right in this note…I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND!

  59. I will bring you tasty birthday granola bars… happy birthday.

  60. I wish the brightest sunrays light up your day, happy birthday.

  61. Drive away all the laziness and jam up with energy to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday Friend.

  62. It is amazing that our birthday falls on same dates… Happy birthday to both of us. BFF.

  63. HBD to BFF

  64. I wish that every blessing come find you and live with you ever. Happy Birthday.

  65. My birthday wish goes to you sprinkling my love upon you my friend.

  66. I wish a mix of fun and joy to you on your birthday. Happy birthday.

  67. You are a worth having friend … happy birthday.

  68. Are you thinking that I missed wishing you your birthday? Nay, it can never happen. I was just making you to miss me on your birthday. Happy birthday in the last hour of your birthday.

  69. My life’s true blessing happy birthday to you.

  70. I warmly wish you your birthday my friend.

  71. Have a wonderful birthday with loads of goodies and best wishes.

  72. Where is your birthday treat? My wish will follow your treat… so be fast!

  73. Meet me on the brink of your birthday night and let me feel you how much you mean to me. Happy birthday.

  74. Wishing my freaky friend a super luscious birthday!

  75. I wish we share a long lasting friendship. Happy birthday.

  76. Do not ever forget me and our cute friendship… happy birthday my friend.

  77.  Have an extraordinary birthday dear pal.

  78. The best of the days are the ones that I spent with you my friend. Today I wish that more such days keep coming to our way. Happy birthday.

  79. Happy birthday with thousands of smile, hug and love.

  80. The ship of our friendship will never ever sink. Happy birthday.

  81. You are the hottest buddy of mine and I wish you get me to your birthday party to rock your moments.

  82. I wish you too much happy birthdays on your birthday.

  83. Where the hell ya? Looking for your birthday treat. Happy birthday my nerdy friend.

  84. Our passions are same our intentions are same… that’s why I am calling you to have pizza tonight. Happy birthday!

  85. My cheesiest pal… you do not know how much happy on your birthday. Stay with me forever. Happy birthday.

  86. We will last to the last… happy birthday.

  87. Happy birthday to the hoity toity and naughty girlfriend.

  88. I want to say it once, twice and even thrice… Happy Happy Happy Birthday friend!

  89. Happy birthday to the most precious jewel of my life.

  90. Tonight I promise you will feel like soaring… we will celebrate your birthday tonight!

  91. Stay high, happy birthday!

  92. You are my best friend now and before my crush, happy birthday.

  93. Birthday sizzler… do not cut and eat your birthday cake without me. Happy birthday dude!

  94. I wish my friend get the most blissful life to live ahead happy birthday.

  95. Happy birthday to you with love.

  96. Dude happy birthday to you.

  97. I wish my friend live a soothing and adorable life. Happy birthday.

  98. Keep your intentions and hopes higher. I wish you every that thing you wish to get in your life. Happy birthday.

  99. Kisses, hugs and love. Happy birthday Chum!

  100. Birthday caps, colorful balloons, falling confetti, burning candles, chocolaty cake, popping drinks, bacon butty, clicking cameras and so much more is been wished to you on your birthday my best ever friend!

Birthday Wishes for Friends

This is our effort on Birthday Wishes For Friends. Now it will be too easy and nice to wish your best friend on their birthday. I hope these Birthday Wishes for Friend will make your friend’s day.

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