30 Lovely Birthday Wishes for Best Friend, Birthday Messages

Birthday Wishes for Best Friend will beam you up and suggest you Best Birthday wishes for Best Friend. Birthday is perfect time to show your friends  that you care about them so much — and you are there to celebrate their happiness with bottom of your heart. Birthday Wishes for Best Friend should be good move that recalls all the good times and memories that you have had with them and all the good times you will live together.

We have selected only one type of Birthday wishes for Friend which is the Best Type, coz true friends are there for you in every kind of time, weather good or hard, so it is only natural that you would like to have the right Birthday wishes for Best Friend to send them a card , e-Card or simply a Status on their Timeline.
Birthday wishes for Best Friend

here are Selected 30 Lovely Birthday wishes for Best Friend.

    30 Lovely Birthday Wishes for Best Friend :

  1. I can’t stay calm because it’s my best friend’s birthday..!!!

  2. Thank you so much my dear friend for being most important part of my life. It’s your birthday and I always wish to see you happy, confident, energetic and fresh above all. Happy birthday to my BFF (Best friend forever).

  3. Happy Birthday my dear friend. May you live long and prosper. Have fun and cheers..!!!

  4. May your life be filled with love, care, laughter, happiness, health, blessings, prosperity and many more. Happy Birthday Dear..!!!

  5. Everyone has a friend but having a friend like you is most worth full feeling I ever had. Stay blessed and happy.

  6. Happy Birthday..!!! You have made my many days special and memorable. Most difficult time of my life turned into happy days only because of your presence.

  7. Happy birthday to my dearest friend..!!!  Thank you for playing your best part in my life. I wish you a very happy birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday to my best friend who knows everything in my hurt. Who knows the song in my hurt and sings it for me when I want to listen.

  9. Happy birthday to the loveliest friend of mine. The friend with whom I have done the craziest thing, the most funny time I spent with. Thank you being a most trust worthy and best part of my life.

  10. Happy birthday to my friend who is amazing in every single way and who treat me the way I ought to be treated. I am extremely lucky to have a friend like you.

  11. Don’t you think it is obviously the special one for whom you are going to stay up just to say Happy Birthday.

  12. I am offering you another year to laugh out on our own silly jokes, to stand by side so that no hurdle can stop our journey. Happy Birthday my Dear..!! Love yaw..

  13. You have made my every day a holiday full of enjoyment. My life is totally boring when you are not around. Happy birthday my crazy friend..!!!

  14. I am always with you so that if you fail in every stage of life I am going to pick you up. Happy Birthday..!!!

  15. We go along with the craziest ideas to solve issues and it is the most amazing thing of our friendship. Happy birthday my dear..!!!

  16. Don’t get old, get better my friend. Happy Birthday..!!

  17. Stay confident about what you are but yes; you can try to get better, to stop being negative about thing and about people. Stay positive and you are amazing by the way. Happy Birthday my dear..!!

  18. Start your this year with positivity and confidence. I pray to GOD that your remaining journey of life be filled with lots of good luck and good health. Happy birthday my dear..!!

  19. Let me celebrate my best friend’s birthday like there is no tomorrow. Happy birthday my dear..!!

  20. I am feeling lucky to send across the wishes to my best friend who has given me the best possible times in my life. Let me raise a toast for your happy birthday.

  21. My best friend, my delight, my companion, my motivation, my laughter, my soulmate, my inspiration Happy Birthday my dear..!!!

  22. Our friendship is like rising sun. Even when it is gone, it is always shining for you. Happy Birthday my Best Friend.

  23. You are like a precious diamond to me. And I just feel proud and confident having you in my life. Happy Birthday..!!!

  24. We fight, we argue, we don’t talk for couple of days, we scream, we look at one another like enemies when we are angry with one another  but inside we love each other because we are best friends, allow me to wish my dearest friend a very happy birthday..!!!

  25. I would consider you a blessing of God in my life. So I pray to God for your success, delight and pleasure. Happy Birthday..!!!

  26. If anyone asks me to write down birthday wishes for my best friend then I would simply draw a heart on the paper because this is what my friend means to be in my life.

  27. Friends are the nicest people of our lives but you my dear are the best achievement of my life. I am here to wish you a very happy birthday. May God bless my best friend’s life with prosperity, peace, creativity and good adventures..!!

  28. Wishing my best friend delicious and magical Birthday this time. Happy Birthday my dear..!!

  29. May the wonderful and amazing things happen to the wonderful person of my life, my best friend. Happy blatted birthday my sweet friend..!!!

  30. Do not get older, get better. Do not count the years that has passed, do not count the hurdles that has made our journey difficult but count the blessings and happiness given by the God. Count your beloved ones in your life, count your achievements. Celebrate and enjoy every single day of your life my friend. Live as you only live for once.

We are extremely happy to have you here and hope that you will be pleased with our Selected 30 Lovely Birthday wishes for Best Friend.

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