20 Promise Day Wishes – Messages and SMS

Promise Day Wishes and Messages are comprised of Our Sweet Collection of Promise Day Wishes that you make with your Family, Friends and to your Love. Promise Day is most important day of Valentine’s Week and it comes on 11 February, the 5th day of Valentine’s week when couples Promise each other that they never leave each other And Friends promise’s to Stay with each other in any Difficulty or Problem. Promise Day Wishes are used to make Promises that you will never break and will never leave the person you love alone in danger. Here are Some Wonderful Collection of Top 20 Promise Day Wishes that brighten your day with your lover. Don’t Waste this day and time that will never come back and read Our Promise Day Wishes Below.

Promise Day Wishes

Make this Day Wonderful by gifting promises and sweet things wrapped in your love and care. Promise Day Wishes are send at any day but most preferred is on Promise Day.  This day is celebrated with great love and attention and care for your lover. Send these Promise Day Wishes and SMS to your Friends, Best Friends and lovers.

Top 20 Promise Day Wishes – Messages and SMS:

  1. I guarantee! talking without inner selves, Loving without goals, Caring without desire, I guarantee you that you will be mine dependably. Happy Promise Day!

  2. When i say I cherish U, please trust it’s valid. When i say everlastingly, know I means to never leave You alone. When i say gudbyee, Promise me you will not cry. BCoz the day I’ll be stating that would be the day I kick the bucket. HAppy Promise Day!

  3. We met it was good fortune, We talked it was Chance! We got to be companions it was Destiny! We are still companions it was Faith! We will dependably be companions It’s a Promise. HAppy Promise Day Dear!

  4. On the off chance that i get your grin, I needn’t bother with Flowers! On the off chance that i got your voice, I needn’t bother with Music! On the off chance that you address me, I needn’t bother with Anybody! On the off chance that you are my adoration, I needn’t bother with the World! I guarantee to be your’s on this Promise Day. Upbeat Promise Day!

  5. I Can’t Promises to Solve All Ur Problems, I Can Only Promise I Will Never Let U Face Them Alone, Happy Promise Day!

  6. I Want’s To Be The huge Of Me, For This Is All I Can Do. It Is My Desire That U Promise Me This, U Be The Greatest Of U. Happy Promise Day.

  7. I wish you a glad guarantee day, I guarantee you I would have been there dependably for you, I would attempt to be a decent companion and significant other of you, Furthermore, nurture you generally. Happy PROMISE DAY!

     Promise Day Wishes:
  8. Once in a while people don’t comprehend the guarantees they’re making when they make them. Be that as it may, you keep the guarantee in any case. That is the thing that adoration is. Affection is keeping the guarantee at any rate. HAPPY PROMISE DAY!

  9. Keep all your Promises, don’t take what doesn’t have a place with you, and dependably take care of those less lucky than yourself, and you’ll do well on the planet. HapPy Promise Day!

  10. Adoration is The Enjoyment Of Today and Promises Of Tomorrow, So This Warm Note will Come To You, To Say That Live your Life With A Heart Full Of Love. HAppy Promise Day!

  11. On this Promise Day. I don’t swear you the moon, I don’t swear you the star, however in the event that you guarantee to recall that me, I guarantee to be conscientiously there. Wishing you on this Promise Day.

  12. We Have So Much More Than I Ever Imagine We Would, Love You More Than I Ever Thought I Could. I Swear To Give You All I Have Decided to give U, I’ll Do Anything For U As Long As I Live. Happy Promise day!

  13. Genuine confidence is never discovered alone;it is constantly joined by expectation.The man who trusts the guarantees of God hopes to see them satisfied. Where there is no desire, there is no confidence… Promise Day!

  14. Fellowship is a dialect talked by heart, not composed on paper, it is a guarantee on this guarantee day, to recharged each time we stay in contact. Upbeat Promise Day!

  15. I guarantee U to stroll with U 1000 Miles. Simply guarantee U will stroll back with me.Upbeat Promise DAy!

     More Promise Day Wishes:
  16. I probably been conceived under a fortunate star, To discover a companion as decent as you may be. I will take the rainbow to the end, In the event that you guarantee to remain my companion! Promise dAy!

  17. Guarantee day is unique guarantee to individual, implies make guarantee controller or guarantee driver of guarantee life since all relationship relies on upon guarantee exchange.

  18. In the event that you are great you will keep your pledge (words/guarantee) and will live in most noticeably bad circumstance however in the event that you are best you will break you vow to carry on with a fine life.

  19. On the off chance that whenever life resemble a light in the wind, At that point I’ll put my hands around you with the goal that all smolders are mine and all light is yours. It’s a Promise DAy!

  20. I vow to you on all that I’m and I devote to all of you that I have and I guarantee u that I’ll stand right close by everlastingly and dependably until that day I kick the bucket. Happy Promise Day.

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