20 Friendship Day Wishes 2016 – Messages

Friendship Day Wishes 2016: Friendship Day comes on First Sunday of August and people usually send Friendship Day Wishes to their Lovely Friends. Friendship Day celebration was first started in US in 1935. It becomes popular when whole world celebrate’s this day. People give Gifts and Send Friendship Day Wishes to their close Friends and to new Friends as well.  Friendship Day Wishes are used to send to Friends to realize them that we are their real friends and we’ll never leave them alone till death. We have Fresh Collection of Top 20 Friendship Day Wishes 2016 which will help you to make your friendship strong.

Friendship Day 2016 Wishes

Everyone have Friends. Maybe you meet them in School, College, University or at Work or you grow up together from childhood. A Friends Company will never let you feel lonely when you are upset or want someone lose to share about what you are going through. Friends are Very important part of life, Without them Life is so boring and no joy or happiness will be there. We have Given Below Friendship Day Wishes and Messages for you to send them to your dear Friends.

Top 20 Friendship Day Wishes and Messages:

  1. F- Few

    R- Relation

    I- In

    E- Earth

    N- Never

    D- Die

    Happy Friendship Day.

  2. To My Dearest Friend, I generally needed a companion Sweet and genuine. My desire was satisfied when I meet you. Yes, Destiny united us But I guarantee that our Friendship will keep going forever. Happy Friendship Day!

  3. An extremely Happy Friendship Day alongside a pack of all the best. May all of you have incredible minutes All as the day progressed.

  4. Know Friendship is difficult to keep however regardless of the fact that it gets harder I wont surrender on the ground that in the event that its hard to keep you then it will be a ton harder to discover you again. Happy Friendship day!

  5. Friendship is not about finding the correct individual but rather making the right connection its not the amount we mind initially but rather the amount we mind till the end. Happy Friendship Day!

  6. Friendship resemble a tree it requests consideration and consideration first and foremost yet once it blooms it gives you shade in each circumstance of life.Happy Friendship Day!

  7. Love begins with grin, close with kiss, closes with tears. Be that as it may, kinship begins with grin close with misconception closes with death so don’t miss it. Happy Friendship day!

  8. On the off chance that somebody solicits me what I mean from life, I would sit alongside my dear companions, pull them near one another, put my arms around them& say gladly, “THESE IDIOTS R MY LIFE!!” Happy Friendship day

  9. A genuine companion resemble air and daylight generally quiet yet dependably around you. A debt of gratitude is in order for being my air and daylight. Happy Friendship Day!!

     Friendship Day Wishes:
  10. Friendship implies: F: Free from all conventions R: Right to say anything I: Ideal partner E: Either great or terrible N: No sad forget about it D: Dear to dearest one Happy Friendship day 2015…!

  11. Companions resemble the mornings, you may impart to them just a couple of hours of the day. In any case, u realize that they will continuously be there tomorrow, the following day and the following day. Happy Friendship day 2015 to u…

  12. The sweetest of delights, The loveliest of blossoms, The melodist of tunes, Can’t come close to the magnificence and extra-ordinariness in our FRIENDSHIP, Happy Friendship day.

  13. Companionship is a system that necessities.. NO Recharge!NO Roaming! NO Validity! NO initiation! NO Signal problems! Simply don’t switch off your Heart… Cheerful FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!

  14. The sweetest of delights The loveliest of blossoms The melodist of tunes Can’t come close to the magnificence and exceptional in our FRIENDSHIP Happy Friendship day 2015.

  15. A little jokester is living in my heart. Little and extremely extraordinary. It can move and hop, chuckle and sing. Are you in torment and you have to cry, come what’s more, enjoy it! Happy Friendship Day!

  16. A genuine companion is somebody who goes after your hand and touches your heart. Upbeat Friendship Day !!!

    More Friendship Day Wishes:
  17. On the off chance that you require a companion and there are a hundred stages between us, you can step to get close me what’s more, I will step to be there for you. Happy FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!

  18. Before 3 days, Before 72 hours, Before 4990 minutes, Before 302100 seconds, I am the first Who is wishing you Glad FRIENDSHIP DAY!

  19. Friendship is somewhat more trust, Somewhat less attempt, Somewhat more chuckle, Furthermore, somewhat less cry, Somewhat more WE and somewhat less I. Cheerful Friendship Day!!!

  20. I made a rundown of my dearest individual, Furthermore, I kept in touch with them down in pencil, I included ur name however composed it in changeless ink, Bcoz i chose to keep U in my rundown until the end of time. Happy Friendship Day


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